Of Course You Can


I have had this slightly homely little reminder hanging in my studio for years now.

At the time, I was reading a sewing book, I won’t say by whom since I actually respect and like this person’s work.  But in this case, the author had me all riled up by suggesting that in order to make a small, curved, flat-felled seam, you really must get this special foot for your sewing machine.

While I believe in tools, I also believe in skill.  I get insulted when people tell me I can’t, that there’s only one way to do something, especially if that way means you must buy this exact thing, etc.

The middle of this piece of fabric is my tiny, curved, special-foot-free, lovely seam.  Forgive the wonky handwriting.  I keep it around to remind me that what we are capable of is not defined by the gadgets we buy, or by anyone else’s ideas of what is possible or likely.

What words or things do you keep around to remind you of something important?

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