Fiddleheads Hats

Fiddles banner with kids

I make these little recycled cashmere hats for kids, and adults too. They’re incredibly soft, and stretchy, and warm. And washable, and eco-friendly—all thanks to the amazing powers of reclaimed cashmere fabric. They have a unique design which I made up one day as a present for one of my nieces.  Now they have a name, Fiddleheads, and have multiplied like crazy.

They are available at the following fine independent retailers:

AZ Handmade/Fire on the Mountain Gallery – Flagstaff, AZ

Babies to Kids – Flagstaff, AZ

Magpie – Somerville, MA

Poppy Arts Fine Craft Gallery – Colombia, MO

Helen Winnemore Craft – Columbus, OH


Since the colors I have are always changing, and each hat is one of a kind, you won’t find the exact same one in any two places. 

What we choose to buy and how we use our resources matter.  My hats are made with all American labor (mine) and recycled materials.  Vote with your wallet for what you believe in!