Mending Service

Skilled clothing repair for your special garments, specializing in knits and visible mending


knit stitch mending squares


I love everything about mending. Taking something worn and putting time and love into it, getting it ready to be used again—that seems like just the way I want to contribute to the world.

I’d like nothing better to help you learn to mend your own clothing and textiles. I’ve posted a whole bunch of tutorials on this site to do just that. I absolutely believe that everyone, even modern humans who aren’t practiced in manual tasks, can do it, and that the benefits of mending your own clothes go far beyond putting them back into service, to giving you an amazing sense of empowerment and a new connection to the things you wear every day.

At the same time, I want to acknowledge that there is skill involved. Stitching, like any other thing you can learn to do with your hands and your brain, gets better with practice. The more you do, the more you build up fine motor skills, and learn which materials and techniques work best in which situations. I have decades worth of thinking about fiber, thread, and fabric in my brain, and thousands (millions maybe?) of stitches of all kinds in my hands. I understand that your first project is probably not going to look as good as your tenth one or your hundredth one, and that you may not want to practice on your most beloved garments.

So this is what I’ve decided: I’ll show you how to mend your own textiles here for absolutely free, or I’ll mend yours at a reasonable rate (hopefully reasonable for both of us).


corduroy skirt patches


How it Works

• Start by emailing me a picture of the thing you need fixed, and a description of what’s amiss with it. (Here’s my address.) I’ll get back to you with an estimate of time and cost, and we’ll go from there.

• The minimum cost for repairs is $30, plus shipping. This covers small holes and quick fixes. Larger and more complex repairs will be charged $30 for the first hour, and $20 for each additional hour, plus shipping. I’m happy to provide a free estimate (see above). I will also trade for other things I need.

• Please send items to be repaired clean! Clean fibers are relaxed, in their natural shape, and free of dirt and grease which get in the way of repairs. (My favorite method for hand washing is near the end of this article.) If your items are dirty when they arrive, I will charge the same hourly rate for the time I spend washing them.



Things I Can Fix

• Sweaters and other knits – decorative and (nearly) invisible options available
• Woven fabrics – decorative and/or utilitarian options available, nearly invisible repairs may be possible if loosely woven
• Broken zippers
• Miscellaneous repairs – I have been known to take on some quirky projects – get in touch with your ideas




“After I got a hole in my favorite sweater, I googled everywhere how to repair a hole in your sweater. I found out that the hole had to be knitted and as someone who had never knitted before or owns knitting needles, I would not even know where to begin. I came across Tasha’s blog and she seemed like an expert in this. She responded to all of my emails quickly and was able to give me a price estimate based on a picture I had sent her. Her price was very reasonable and fair. Since Tasha lives states and miles away from me I mailed my sweater to her in order to have it repaired. She repaired the sweater within a couple of days and quickly got it back to me. When I received my sweater back it was wrapped nicely in tissue paper. I am very impressed with the repair, you can not even tell there was a hole at all, there is not even any knots or lose strings in the back of the sweater, which is great since the sweater is so light. Tasha was great to work with and did a great job. I admit I was kind of nervous sending my sweater, but figured, since it has a hole in it, what do I have to lose, but I’m so glad I did, she really did a great job and my sweater is as good as new.”

– Fran C., customer