wildflowers texas spring 2014 9My six-word memoir is “take stale bread, make French toast.”  This pretty much sums up my attitude about life—that most of what you need to be happy, you already have, and you can make it into something beautiful.

I consider myself super lucky to have grown up in a family which encourages and values craftsmanship.   My mom made my most of my clothes when I was little, and bread for us, and let me have access to whatever tool and materials I could hold in my little hands, especially needles and thread.  My dad’s mother was a weaver and my aunt is a potter and artist, so I always thought it was totally normal to have handmade dishes and napkins for everyday use.

pickin in the pines 4It’s my passion to empower more people to make things for themselves.  I truly believe that by being makers, we also make our lives better in just about every possible way: more connected, more sustainable, more grounded, more satisfied, more joyous.

My husband Bryan and I share a home and studio in Flagstaff, Arizona.  We also spend a large part of the year on the road with his art photography business, working and eating our way across the country and visiting as many friends as possible.  Read more about our life and travels here.

B&T at red rock crossing