indigo handspun

Thoughts: Slow and What It Means to Me Now


floyd bennett field camping 3

Thoughts: The NYC Garment District and Why I’m Over It


spring mammoth ripples

Photos: Spring at Mammoth Cave
(plus some thoughts)


mmm15 sleep top 2

Thoughts: Me-Made-May and Putting My Best Self Forward
(links through to So, ‘Zo …)


first handspun yarn 3

Thoughts: The Tangible World, or How I Learned to Spin


winter in nm 1

Thoughts: Scheduling Less


I'm kind of obsessed with the hand as a symbol of the ideas I hold dear. This was my design in a reductive printing process we tried.

Thoughts: The Infinite List


purple cords sideThoughts: Sewing, Empowerment, and Body Image


wildflowers texas spring 2014 2Photos: Spring in Texas


blue painted toenailsThoughts: A Touch of Comfort


nm highway sunsetThoughts: Life as Artists on the Road


great smokies spring 2013 4Photos: Spring in the Great Smokies


aimee león at arcosantiThoughts: Aimee León on Sheep Shearing and Art


michigan winter 1Photos: Michigan Winter


Wolf Creek Pass to FLG 1Photos: Fall in the Desert Southwest + Thoughts: Body and Earth


A study in orange foodThoughts: Preserving Food and Traveling


Same me-made skirt. I've really just discovered scarves lately. . . Thoughts: Personal Style and How the World Sees Us


What is that thing on the right anyway? Not sure, a rug maybe?Thoughts: Hanging Laundry Outside