I love hanging the laundry outside. . .

I do realize that this may mean I’m a nerd.  But it’s so true.

I love everything about it – it’s a quiet moment outside in a day in which I might not have time for a hike or just watching the clouds.  There I am, I can look up at the sky, I hear the birds, neighborhood noises, feel the breezes . . . I even love the way the clothes look hanging there.

In past summers when we have rented a place in Madison WI, I always found a way to string up some sort of clothes line in the back yard.  Although the smells and plants are different there, I enjoyed them just as much.

In Flagstaff, the good outside laundry days are increasing now (when it’s not snowing – typical mountain springtime).

Who cares if I’m saving money and gas for the dryer (well, Ok, I do care about those things too) – drying the laundry outside gives me a mini outdoor meditation in the middle of my day.  I have to do the laundry anyway, why not do it in a way that I love?

4 thoughts on “I love hanging the laundry outside. . .

  1. There is something in what you say that makes work a satisfying activity. Is it that as you work you are able to also take in the natural world? Is it the quiet or the sounds of the birds that make the effort more extraordinary? Or is it repetitiveness of clipping the clothes pins in place? Or the look of clothes hanging on the line? (your photo is wonderful by the way!) Or is it simply the irreplaceable smell of freshness that comes when clothes and sheets and towels have hung free in the breeze……

    For me there is also the memories your simple blog about hanging the laundry stirs of my grandmother’s back yard in Temple, Texas: the corse grass; the deep almost black dirt; the warmth of the sun on my back; the hose bib that stuck straight out of the ground in the middle of the yard; as well as the wooden steps running up to the screened in back porch; the smell of moisture; the “barn” turned garage; the huge pecan tree…… All this surrounded me as I stood watching Mammomy hang the washing on the line. Oh, and I almost forgot the very best thing! As a child, running through the dry clothes as they brush face and body.

  2. Thanks Barb for your comments, thoughts and memories! I think it is all of these things taken together that help a simple task become more than just one more chore in your day.

    And you are right about the smell! I love that smell, laundry hung outside smells so much better than any other kind.

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