and eat!

    succotash 2Fava Bean Succotash


    peachy pie 2Peach Pie with Nut Crust


    roasted peeling beetsA Big Vegetable Roast


    celery root soupCelery Root & Apple Soup


    pistachio pesto 1Pistachio Pesto


    washed fruit in coolerWashing Fruit & Veggies on the Road


    asparagus tartAsparagus Tart


    spring strawberry salad 1Spring Strawberry Salad


    thick marmalade choppingOrange Marmalade Variations


    chopping fruit 3An Efficient Way to Chop Fruit


    simple broccoli pastaSimple Broccoli Pasta


    french toast in skilletFrench Toast


    leek potato green chile tartPotato/Leek/Green Chile/Kale/Sweet Potato in a Tart/Quiche


    pears 1Pear Crisp with Cardamom


    fried green cherry tomatoesFried Green (Cherry) Tomatoes


    campfire bananas 2Banana S’Mores


    blueberry pieBlueberry Picking, Blueberry Pie


    cherry sorbet towel Tart Cherry Sorbet à la Jeni’s


    artichokes on plateSimple & Delicious Artichokes


    broiled asparagus 2Broiled Asparagus


    See the lovely onion bitsA Good Way to Chop an Onion


    greens pancakesGreens Pancakes


    roasted butternut with sweet spicesRoasted Butternut Squash with Sweet Spices


    creme fraiche and kohlrabiMake Your Own Crème Fraîche

    + Kohlrabi Salad


    fresh cheese 2Simple Homemade Cheese


    stuffed dates 2Almond Paste Stuffed Dates


    Veggie Stock 1Veggie Stock


    storing herbsStoring Herbs in the Fridge


    pomegranate 5A Good Way to Open a Pomegranate


    frozen chilesFreezing Chiles


    Chop the thicker section the same as the first squashAn Efficient Way to Chop Vegetables


    August on a plateRatatouille


    I love this blue bowlAsian Coleslaw


    In case you are wondering, I did take a new picture Chard Phyllo Pie


    It's cool, it's delicious, it's - Vietnamese Noodle Bowl


    This is making me hungry as I typeSummer Tomato Bruschetta


    Version 1, sticky but deliciousFruit and Nut Bars


    Funny shapes but tastyGranola Bars


    Who knew raw fennel was so tasty?Fennel and Orange Salad


    Hearty and warming, perfect for the last cold nights of winter!Winter Squash with Beans and Chiles


    Ok, sometimes I sprinkle in raisinsSimplest Granola


    This dressing is on the creamy sideBeet Salad with Blue Cheese