Fix + Care

remake and repair

treadle cabinet restoration

Restore a treadle sewing machine cabinet


patched purple hobo socks

Fix store-bought socks


potholder back

Patch a potholder


Jeans hem backstitch

Hem your own jeans


knit fabric fix 4

Fix a hole in a knit


small hand sewn patch 3Sew a small patch by hand


Ripped out button 1Sew a small patch by machine


My lovely backyard!Dry your laundry outside


Return of the laundry lineBleach with the sun


fabric scraps for recyclingRecycle fabric scraps


mending backpack 4Repair a backpack


moth and larvaKeep wool moths from eating your clothes


Knit new fingers for gloves


pocket seam ripping 5

My favorite way to rip seams


lined MD top inside doneMake a lining for a simple top


coat vent mend 7Fix the back vent of a coat


Hmm, crusty stuffClean rubber with oil


Why do these shirt fronts always wrinkle anyway?Smooth wrinkles with water


drawstring bag 6Reinforce a drawstring bag


sugru handle 1

Make a new handle with silicone putty