Travel tip – Smooth Wrinkles with Water


We are traveling today (I’m actually typing this in the Phoenix airport while waiting to fly home for about a week!) so I thought a tip you can use while traveling would be appropriate.

Have you ever noticed that a little water can make the most stubborn wrinkles relax?  When I’m at home, I usually spray on some water, and then use the iron to dry and flatten the wrinkled area.  When we’re on the road, I may or may not have an iron, or for that matter, a spray bottle.  But I can use a wet washcloth to dab on some water, or even smear it on with my fingers, then use my fingers to smooth and flatten the wrinkled part, and let it dry.  The water relaxes the fibers and gives the fabric some extra weight, making it easier to shape.

You can also use the same principle for clothes that are air-drying.  Smooth and shape the fabric while it’s wet, and you can often skip the ironing.

Happy travels!

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