Cleaning Rubber and the Beauty of Old Glass


Recently I found this jar in the dusty back of someone else’s cabinet.  You can see why I asked if I could adopt it!  I love the pure integrity that glass always seems to have, and the bubbles and irregularities in this old piece are amazingly beautiful to me.

I also love taking something unused and making it workable again, it has such a feeling of making things right to it.



The only part of this jar that didn’t clean up super-easily was the rubber gasket, which had something a little crumbly and stubborn stuck to it.  I thought that rubbing a little oil on it might be good, since who knows how long the rubber had been sitting, drying out in the high desert.  I was pleased to find that the oil also loosened up whatever residue was left, and it then scraped right off.




After rinsing and drying, the whole jar is ready for use.  It’s currently in my cabinet filled with dried beans, although I’d like to figure out something to keep in it that will show off it’s color and bubbles better.



I couldn’t resist taking a bunch of pictures of this jar.  Glass is so photogenic, don’t you think?



One thought on “Cleaning Rubber and the Beauty of Old Glass

  1. When I was a boy the big thing was burning rubber. I guess times change.

    Not that I, as a male of the species, noticed – that jar is exquisite. I would love to have a (mismatched) set!

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