form and fabric

    HSM buttonStart Sewing From Scratch with my E-Book (on Etsy)


    upcycled leggingsLeggings Made from Sweaters


    silk watson bra 4Silk Watson Bra


    1year1outfit skirt 4Natural Dye Printed Skirt


    hand stitches thumbnail5 Essential Hand Stitches (in Seamwork magazine, read it free online)


    toy loom testThe Structure of Fabric and Sewing (in Seamwork magazine)


    wool prep thumbnailAll About Wool, and Sewing With It (in Seamwork magazine)


    over it purple pants 3These Pants, NYC, and My Pledge to Source Sustainable Fabric


    leather thimbleSew Your Own Leather Thimble (in Seamwork magazine)


    feet on treadle thumbnailTreadle Sewing


    feet on treadle thumbnailFour Upcycled Winter Tops


    diy sewing cover buttons 1Tutorial: Cover Buttons


    green wooly leggings 4Sewing + Altering Leggings


    sewing on a button 10Tutorial: Sew On a Button


    finished pockets onTutorial: Adding Pockets to Seams


    rainbow ribbing baby blanket 1Rainbow Ribbing Baby Blanket


    cabarita backCabarita Top Variation + tips for matching stripes


    basting stripesTutorial: Basting


    pink silk cami on formSilk Camis + tips for knit fabric straps and elastic binding


    backstitchTutorial: Backstitch


    fabric shower curtain 1A Cotton Shower Curtain


    blue stripe trous and wool knits 4Blue Stripe Trousers


    blue stripe trous and wool knits 9Merino Knit Tops


    dad's camera strap finished 1Tutorial: Retro Camera Strap


    crib rail protectors onTutorial: Crib Rail Covers


    blue upcycled sweater looking sideUpcycled Sweater + ideas for sewing recycled knits


    Jeans hem zipper footTutorial: Hem Jeans, Keep the Hem


    pocket seam ripping 5My Favorite Way to Rip Seams


    garment bags hanging 2Garment Bags + thoughts on the beauty of making something ordinary


    fusing pattern paperTip: Add to Pattern Paper by Fusing It


    hot weather dress hollyhocks 1Hot Weather Sundress + my method for making thin straps


    brown silk shirt onThree Long Sleeve Tops + thoughts on sewing slinky knits


    pinstripe skirt remodel 2Re-Made Tailored Wool Skirt + what I wore to Flagstaff’s fancy party


    tasha in purple cord pantsPurple Corduroys + more thoughts about fitting pants


    grey pants sideFirst Ever Well-Fitting Pants! + how they got that way


    linen tank onOne Woven and Two Knit Tank Tops


    Then I said, Sundress with Fabric I Batiked + why darts and gathers are not the same


    finished sundress frontSelf-Drafted Sundress


    Tie a good knotTutorial: DIY Wire Tube Turner