I love hanging the laundry outside. . .

I do realize that this may mean I’m a nerd.  But it’s so true.

I love everything about it – it’s a quiet moment outside in a day in which I might not have time for a hike or just watching the clouds.  There I am, I can look up at the sky, I hear the birds, neighborhood noises, feel the breezes . . . I even love the way the clothes look hanging there.

In past summers when we have rented a place in Madison WI, I always found a way to string up some sort of clothes line in the back yard.  Although the smells and plants are different there, I enjoyed them just as much.

In Flagstaff, the good outside laundry days are increasing now (when it’s not snowing – typical mountain springtime).

Who cares if I’m saving money and gas for the dryer (well, Ok, I do care about those things too) – drying the laundry outside gives me a mini outdoor meditation in the middle of my day.  I have to do the laundry anyway, why not do it in a way that I love?