Testing – Our Beautiful Path

So here is my first “real” post, I want it to include pictures and some thoughts about what this blog will be about.

This is a lovely old Ford pickup bed, just before its transformation into a chicken coop for our friends in Oregon this past summer.

I thought the colors in the many layers of paint and rust were just lovely, and the shapes.  But how does that relate to the blog?  I have been thinking (helped along by yoga class) about the paths we take and how, if we are to truly succeed, we have to consider the whole path as our goal and not just the finishing point as our goal.

That certainly applies to this blog!  I have lots of goals for it; I hope that it will help me reach out to more people than I can physically teach, and help inspire them to create whatever it is they dream of (especially if it involves fiber)!  I hope that it will be a platform for me to communicate with all kinds of other creative people, to answer questions and get and give new ideas.  I hope that it will help me make a name for myself as a teacher and fiber artist.

But none of this will happen if I don’t put a real effort into each thing I make and each post, as if each one was my whole goal.

So, I invite you to come with me on a new path!  I hope we can build up layers of experiences and ideas as lovely as the paint from the long path of a very old truck bed.

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