On the Road Again

Today we hit the road for Texas, on the first part of our summer art show tour.  For those of you who don’t yet know, my husband Bryan makes a living selling his fine art photographs at juried art shows and gallery exhibits around the country.  In this very truck (stuffed mostly with photo, framing, and display supplies, with personal effects in the nooks and crannies) we make our way across America every summer.

It’s a crazy thing, full of much more hard work and being dirty, and much less glamor than people usually imagine when they’re in our booth.  But it does have its upsides: visiting friends around the country, spending time outside, seeing new places, and the freedoms of being self-employed.  (Freedom provided that you show up to set up your stuff at exactly the right place and time!)

My goal is for this blog to keep going no matter where we are.  While I won’t promise that an occasional urban adventure story or photo from the road will not creep in, I do have photos from my studio on my trusty laptop and I want to continue to bring you projects and tips for a handmade life, even a mobile one!

If you’re curious, I can also add a “Where am I?” widget to the sidebar, so you guys can see where I’m posting from as the summer goes on.

Happy trails to all!

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