A Touch of Comfort, Weird or Ordinary


blue painted toenails


Much of our time on the road is just slightly anxious for me.  There are a lot of unknowns that hover around the edges of my consciousness; where we will sleep, when will eat, can we park the truck here?   Plus of course I miss my people and my places.  Most of the time these little worries are barely visible on my conscious radar.  Then I’ll catch a glimpse or a touch of something that comforts me, and only as the feeling grips me, like the warm hand of a friend on my shoulder, do I realize that I could use reassuring.

Often times the things that comfort me are what you might expect; objects I’ve made that remind me of the skills I have to fall back on, and of home.  Seeing, using, brushing, (and occasionally burying my face in) the garment bags I made before we left this spring has been great all this summer.

Sometimes though, it’s something silly or just plain weird that gives me little bursts of happiness.  Right now for instance, I get happier every time I see my blue-painted toenails.  To clarify, I paint my toenails maybe once every five years.  Most of the time, I prefer their natural state.  But for a Caribbean beach wedding in the company of close friends and their kids, it seemed appropriate.  A dear 9-year-old friend painted one foot, and I did the other.  (If you can’t tell, I’m not telling, which is which.)

All the way back home, I’ve been vaguely wondering how other people interpret my slightly sloppy blue toes.  But I don’t really care, since every time I see them, I’m reminded of great friends and good times.

Whatever you’re up to, I hope you have some weird (or not so weird) little things to give you a touch of comfort when you need it!