Four Pairs of Hand Knit Socks Arrive in the Mail


Not the kind of thing that happens every day – a small miracle made possible by the connection between two people.

Two summers ago I took a chance, and let a customer leave my art show booth with two large felt bags in exchange for a small check and a promise to pay the rest a little bit at a time.  Over the coming months she restored a good piece of my faith in humanity.  We wrote back and forth a bit with the checks, I fixed her bag when the handles I had bought didn’t hold up to wear.  She and her family visited me again this past summer.

Then yesterday I got this package in the mail from her, she hadn’t written me beforehand, what could it be?

Four pairs of slightly felted hand knit socks.  Plus a lovely sweater that had shrunk too much, all intended for my recycled felt projects.  I have pretty small feet, those socks are going to get worn, and so happily, and then when they wear out they can be part of something else.

It’s the connections we make and the people we trust that give us beautiful unexpected moments.