Why Not Fix an Item, as a Gift?

jacket repairs


So, it was my dad’s birthday recently, and he asked me if I would fix this jacket as my present to him.   Great idea, right?  Since half my DNA comes from this man, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised if he comes up with ideas I love, but I was a little surprised by this one.

Think about it, instead of getting someone we care about a thing which they might or might not use, we could offer to fix something they already have and love.  Who couldn’t use a chair glued back together, something painted, or a ripped seam sewn.  Especially if you, the giver, have some expertise in what you’re fixing.  Book repair, sock darning, judicious application of super glue . . .

This jacket has been in Dad’s wardrobe for years.  It needed a new zipper, and as I inspected it I noticed that the fabric around the cuffs was also shredded, and the pocket corners starting to wear.  I cut new cuffs and reinforcing patches for the pockets out of some leftover outdoor fabric from my mom’s stash, which luckily matched pretty well.  Now it’s ready to go, hopefully for a few more years of wear!

When we choose to repair an item, not only are we keeping things out of the landfill and extending the life of a much-loved/used object, the time we spend fixing something is a thoughtful gesture to a loved one and, to me anyway, far more satisfying than trolling the stores.

So, thanks Dad for the wonderful idea!  Let’s spread it, it has potential . . .


10 thoughts on “Why Not Fix an Item, as a Gift?

  1. My boyfriend asked me to fix the zipper in one of his pants for his birthday last month. I did swear a bit (fly front zippers! ugh!) but since he asked so nicely… 🙂

  2. I am a little late to the party – as usual! Just wanted to say that your blog is great. I love the variety of topics you cover, all that are connected by the thread of making life great. Thanks Tasha

  3. Ah that’s so ace!!! I totally agree, if it’s a well love item, why buy a new one if there is ample life left in it. Happy birthday your dad! x

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