New DIY Kits on Etsy, Plus the Hats are Back …


Hello all!  I’ve been using my computer time for the last week or so working on brand new stuff … if you can call ideas that have been rattling around in my head for a year or more “brand new” … but they now exist, in real life!  Or at least on the internet.


SRCR title page blog


Brand new: instructions and materials so that you can make the some of the scarves and blankets I’ve been making the last couple of seasons from cashmere ribbing!  I’ve laid it out for you, with lots of tips on sewing the ribbings, plus directions for three projects.  Make one of these, or make a totally new design of your own!

The color combos I found in the ribbing box are pretty great.  Get these now if you love them—there’s more good stuff in there, but the next batch will be different.


4 ribbing colors 1014


Plus, Fiddleheads hats are back for fall.  There are some new, incredibly cute pictures of children who shall remain nameless modeling them.  It’s worth a click just to see them all.  And—sigh—I think I said I wasn’t going to do this, but then I suddenly needed to, so I did—I modeled the adult size myself.  The kids are SO much cuter!


two friends


I’ll be back soon, with more cool stuff!


It’s the Colors . . .


Right now it’s the time of year for big orders from the shops that sell my little fuzzy hats.  After 400 or so of these suckers all told so far, you’d think I would be sick of them.  I still like this design (if I only I could come up with a few more that were as cute and efficient!) but mostly, what keeps me coming back is:



I love picking colors that don’t just go together, they make each other sing.  These remind me of a dusky southwest sunset.  This is what I do when I’m making the hats, I stare at the colors.  Luckily, using recycled materials means there are new colors every time, new ones to find and play with.



As a kid, I would spend hours looking through my mom’s embroidery floss, not really wanting to make anything, just enjoying the colors, they each seemed so vivid and lovely, they lived grouped together in their families in neatly numbered plastic bags.  I remember wishing there was fabric, or something I wanted to use, in all those colors, but not knowing what I would do with it if there was.  I’m still figuring that out . . .